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Entry #44

V-Day Art Contest $40-ish

2/5/14 by TurkeyOnAStick


Thought I really should do a plug on frontpage for this art contest I'm hosting for a prize of £25 to the winner, before it gets too late and I have to flog it off onto a half-finished WIP.

The theme's "Leaders In Love" ... which is an awful name, but you can find out more about the contest here.

Have a go. It can tie in with a Valentine's gift; I'm sure your partner would love a card with Hitler on it.



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on it boss



I'll try harder next time, I promise.

design a toy the shop should've had competition?
would be cool


did your gf enjoy the hitler card?
I know i would

3/6/14 TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Why aren't you my girlf - oh right, laws.



jealous faggot



You should try, it's a better site for art.

3/3/14 TurkeyOnAStick responds:

You colour your work with the gradient tool.
For that reason, I doubt you've picked up much skills from conceptart.

Also you're an alt, your recent post history alluded to it. For someone who doesn't like this site, you enjoy coming back.

If all of those things happened not only would I disable adblock, become a supporter across multiple accounts AND buy luis a frosty cold beer, I would definitely also donate my toenail and hair clippings to wade as an office desk ornament.

I might even send a clipping or two your way, luv. ;D

2/27/14 TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I guess free games and movies isn't enough for an ad-block disable :(
But I'll take the clippings, if they're going.

I will still use adblock regardless of how many images tell me to fuck myself and die (in a fire).

unless tom & wade send nudes to a yet-to-be disclosed P.O. box that I may or may not have ownership of.

oh, and they have to be together for the nudes. in every photo.

2/27/14 TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I reckon that if
- Tom and Wade posed nude together in a photo,
- Luis gave you the final penicorn in the store, and
- a portal was set up in your honour, with people making games and toons dedicated to you, ...

.... you would still use Ad-Block.

No matter how much you are provided by a website for free, your experience would still be improved by the removal of the ads.

Even though the ads enable the website to provide you free content.



Hitler was a nice guy.



...Yes, physically. With a knife.